Great online courses for learning R

The last few months have seen a flurry of activity in terms of new courses being created for the R programming language.

Udemyis one such online venue that provides a surprisingly broad array of topics related to the R language. These topics include statistical analysis, regression, data science, machine learning, quantitative trading, data visualization and more.

As an adjunct instructor in the quantitative finance field, I find it hard to cover all the important/basic concepts prior to moving on to the more interesting/advanced uses of the R programming language.

The following courses provide a nice introduction to some of the basic and even intermediate principles that I deem important.

The basics R courses:

These courses talk about the basic programming constructs of R and also introduce some
topics in the field of data science.

R Programming – Learn R from Scratch
Introduction To Data Science
Statistics and Data Science in R from Beginner to Advanced!
Programming Statistical Applications in R

Visualization with R:

The ggplot2 package is one of the best graphical libraries available in the R language. It makes use of the grammar of graphics paradigm and is highly recommended as a default plotting package.

An Introduction to Data Visualization in R using ggplot
Multivariate Data Visualization with R

Business Analytics in R:

These courses focus on applying the R suite of tools to business specific analytics problems.

R – Business Analytics Using R Programming
Business Analytics Professional – R Tools
Learn R for Business Analytics from Basics!

Intermediate R courses:

The Comprehensive Programming in R Course
Data Mining with R: Go from Beginner to Advanced!
R Programming for Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods

Advanced R courses:

Bayesian Computational Analyses with R
Linear Mixed-Effects Models with R
Applied Multivariate Analysis with R

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