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Lecture 7 – Visualization and Reporting with R

By now you should be familiar with most of the core functionality of the R programming language. We can perform simulations, graph results, create summary statistics, export our results to files and accomplish almost any programming feat by simply using the base installation of R. In this lecture I want to introduce a few tools […]

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RCPP Gallery and Projects

I have commented in the past about the usefulness of the RCPP package. Now, Dirk Eddelbuettel has provided another wonderful service to the R community by posting sample R code that leverages this powerful framework. If you are interested in combining the raw speed and performance of C++ with the syntax of R, check out […]

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A tutorial on Rcpp

For those of you who have struggled with slow R code, the following tutorial is a must read! Hadley Wickham (the author of ggplot2, plyr and a few other cool libraries) has put together a wonderful tutorial on how to use Rcpp. Rcpp allows one to write C++ code and call that code from within […]

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