FINC 621

Financial Mathematics and Modeling II (FINC 621) is a graduate level class that is currently offered at Loyola University in Chicago during the winter quarter. FINC 621 explores topics in quantitative finance, mathematics and programming. The class is practical in nature and is comprised of both a lecture and a lab component. The labs utilize the R programming language and students are required to submit their individual assignments at the end of each class. The end goal of FINC 621 is to provide students with practical tools that they can use to create, model and analyze simple trading strategies.

About the Instructor

Harry G. is a senior quantitative trader for an HFT trading firm in Chicago. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago. In his spare time, Harry teaches a graduate level course in Quantitative Finance at the Loyola University in Chicago. He is also the author of Quantitative Trading with R.